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A Day in the Life at Carrot Recruitment

We’re always looking for exciting new talent to join our team, but what’s it really like to work at Carrot Recruitment? You may have heard that we pride ourselves on being #DistinctlyDifferent to other recruitment companies but you may not know why. We thought a great way to explain would be to walk you through a typical day for our consultants and what they enjoy most about working here….

Our consultants typically arrive between 8am and 9am – although there can be some flexibility for those doing the school run etc. Most of our Consultants will start their days with a catch up over a tea/coffee to ease themselves into work. Those who arrive at 8am tend to use this early start to catch candidates before they start work (and those who finish at 5.30pm use their later finish to speak with candidates on their commute home).

No two days are the same for our Consultants - the rest of their morning could be spent in a team conference call with clients to discuss their needs and on-going strategies, to follow up on leads or to source new jobs to work on.

Before lunch, they might touch base with our in-house marketing team to discuss what resources are available to assist them with their candidate attraction needs or to discuss any marketing or social media strategies they could be deploying.

With an hour for lunch, our Consultants can often be found heading out for lunch together, going for a walk (when it’s not raining, we are based in Manchester after all…) or hitting up the gym. Although lunchtime is also a great time to catch up with more candidates, so our Consultants will often work their lunch breaks around any pressing calls they need to make.

The afternoon will typically involve arranging interviews and coaching candidates throughout the job application process.

We have a big focus on the work/life balance of our Consultants, so it’s very rare to find one in the office after their official finish time. Calls are sometimes made in the evening and emails occasionally checked outside of working hours but this isn’t something we regularly advocate.

We recently asked our Consultants what they love the most about working at Carrot Recruitment. Here’s what they had to say about what makes us #DistinctlyDifferent:

  • A laid-back and casual working environment.
  • Flexible working hours to fit in with your personal life.
  • Everyone is given the opportunity to input ideas to help the company grow and develop.
  • Posh monthly lunches out and afternoons off work for those who hit their monthly target.
  • Consultant of the month award (an extra holiday day and £50 voucher!).
  • Regular face-to-face client meetings.
  • Charity events like taking part in the recent ‘It’s a Knockout’ event and our upcoming Snowdon climb, all to raise money for our charity partner – The Children’s Adventure Farm Trust.
  • Networking trips to London and abroad, like an upcoming market access conference in Copenhagen.
  • Frequent rewards for great service that include extra annual leave, trips and vouchers.
  • Lots of autonomy and the freedom to manage your desk like it’s your own business
  • Monthly FIKA events in the office, which give our employees a chance to take a break, socialise and enjoy an edible treat.

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