How to get healthy in the office this January – and stick at it for the rest of the year!

January: the new year is the perfect time to make a fresh start. The perfect time to make positive changes towards a healthier lifestyle, to finally sign up to a gym, to become a happier, more confident person. But it’s mid-January now. The post-Christmas hype is over, and if you started the year on the …Read More

Investing in the NHS workforce – How Pharma can drive meaningful joint working

By guest blogger Emma Clayton, Managing Director at Grey Bear Consultancy  We all have a vested interest in making sure the NHS is fit for the future, and I believe one very important way is by empowering the workforce. The health service is becoming a wellness service, as disease-specific silos give way to primary care-focused models …Read More

Just how important are working environments when it comes to employee satisfaction in Healthcare Comms?

According to research very! In 2016/17 Mind Charity for better mental health carried out a Workplace Wellbeing Index study. Not surprisingly the research shows that organizations that created the right environment for their staff have a positive impact on employees’ health and wellbeing as well as job satisfaction and productivity levels. Dr Richard Jackson of …Read More

Why you should be making a job wish list this Christmas

What would you put on your Christmas wish list? Maybe you’re asking for the latest FitBit this year, a new bottle of your favourite perfume or perhaps you’re hoping they’ll be a teeny tiny puppy waiting under the Christmas tree come the 25th (remember, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas). Even if …Read More

3 stages to successfully relocating

You’ve been tempted by the idea of a new job that gives you everything you are looking for. Everything, that is, except the location. So what do you do? Thinking about relocating is a big deal. It can mean moving a whole family (with all their needs to consider too) or at the very least …Read More

How to negotiate your way through a changing landscape

This article first appeared in Pharmafield – read more of their articles here.  Today’s pharmaceutical and healthcare field teams are operating within increasingly challenging business environments, as companies relentlessly pursue new ways to optimise the commercialisation of their products. Alongside the deployment of a true multichannel approach, the ‘field-based representative’ needs to be a highly skilled …Read More

Halloween Horrors of the Job Hunt (and how to fix them)

Halloween isn’t the only time when job hunting can seem like a terrifying idea – but we’re here to help you tackle those job hunting demons. (Although if you are looking for a spooky new role we’ve pulled together our favourite ones here)   Scary job applications Some companies only require a CV for your …Read More

Chocolate Week – how the tasty treat could benefit our health

Out of all the awareness days, National Chocolate Week is probably our fave – at least in terms of deliciousness – here at Carrot. But what impact has the little square of chocolatey delight had on the pharma and healthcare industries?   Chocolate flavoured medicines Last month, researches from the University of Western Australia discovered …Read More

This is how Healthcare is using Augmented and Virtual (Mixed) Reality

The digital era is well and truly upon us, with over 2.1 billion people owning a smartphone globally. Yet one industry that has been trailing behind in this digital revolution is healthcare. But as big tech companies (Google, Apple, Amazon etc.) jump on the band wagon and look to blend healthcare processes and their products …Read More

Martin Anderson explores the role of flexible resourcing in pharma

Unlocking Hidden Talent It’s a fact that many people in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries still view the recruitment of permanent staff as the only route to attracting talent into their organisations. Whilst permanent recruitment is and likely will remain the core method of filling key field-based roles, more and more companies are now recognising that …Read More