Nine reasons why critical analysis should be applied during deviation management

By guest blogger Ibelema Emeh – Director of Setax Training & Consultancy    The Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (GMDP Symposium 2016) stated the common deficiencies found in deviation management systems and creative and preventive actions (CAPAs) as those listed below: Deviations were not adequately documented and investigated – consequently the appropriate CAPAs were not …Read More

Why it’s important to improve the taste of drugs

Although the majority of patients undertaking a course of prescribed medicines will see it out until the end, there are still a number of people who fail to complete their medications. This is usually down to a number of reasons: the patient could be feeling better before reaching the end of the course, the medicines …Read More

Pharma companies outsource Big Data collection to third party vendors

Sixty nine percent of Pharma companies are outsourcing their Big Data collection to third party vendors, according to Cutting Edge Information. While some companies have been able to develop their internal Big Data capabilities – data sets too large and complex that it becomes difficult to process them using traditional data processing applications – others …Read More

Connecting market research and social media

In order to stay current, the market research sector needs to take a more digital approach, and this is no more pertinent than within the Pharma industry. One of the biggest digital phenomenons of the past decade has been the heightened use of the internet and social media, and pharma market research companies need to …Read More