Why you should be making a job wish list this Christmas

What would you put on your Christmas wish list? Maybe you’re asking for the latest FitBit this year, a new bottle of your favourite perfume or perhaps you’re hoping they’ll be a teeny tiny puppy waiting under the Christmas tree come the 25th (remember, a pet is for life, not just for Christmas).

Even if you don’t make a list for Santa anymore, we’ve all put one together as a kid (I distinctly remember sitting down with the Argos catalogue and listing down every single toy out of it).

But what if you could write a wish list for a new job?

What would be at the top of it? What aspects of a role do you value more than others? What would make you consider moving jobs?

Think about things like the company culture, what your daily responsibilities might be, any training and development opportunities you’d like, location, benefits, salary and anything else you prioritise.

It’s important to distinguish what goes on your must-have list (things you’re not willing to budge on – things such as your commuting time or salary) and your wish list (things you’d really like in a new job, which might sway a decision, but aren’t necessarily a deal breaker).

If it helps, try physically writing down both these lists. Whether you’re actively looking for a new role or have had your interest piqued by an advert you’ve stumbled across, it’s sensible to always have an idea in your head of what your ideal (or at least near to perfect) role would include.

The festive break is as good a time as any to get your job-hunting mentality in check (after all, does anyone actually do anything on those few days between Christmas and New Year?). You never know – Santa might just see your list this year…

(But just in case he doesn’t, you can view all our current vacancies here.)