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What are the benefits of contract recruitment?

Contract or temporary work is a notoriously quicker process than that of permanent recruitment and serves to ‘fill a gap’ within organisations, be it to temporarily replace a permanent member of staff or address an increased business need such as a new project or end of year rush.

As a contractor you are typically well experienced in your field; able to take on your new role and fully immerse yourself in its duties from the word go.

From the client perspective, a contractor will be a self-starter and will integrate into the team without the need for a lot of additional training; a like for like replacement of an equally experienced permanent member of staff.

In return, being a contractor will reward you with plenty of opportunity to work across the companies in your field, structure your working life with prolonged breaks if you so wish and earn a competitive living.  Many contractors relish the flexibility to move around roles and up-skill themselves on a continuous basis as they learn differing practise from company to company.

Upon expressing a desire to work contract, Carrot Pharma Recruitment will register you formally for work, this will include verifying your right to work, checking any industry qualifications and necessary security checks and obtaining a reference history. From here we will keep you informed of any contract roles available that match your skill set.  Should you decide a certain position is for you, we will send your CV immediately to the recruiting client.  A telephone or face to face interview will follow and should you be successful, we’ll be able to get you in role imminently or as required.

Once in your role, your consultant will be available throughout to ensure your contract is running smoothly. We will explain fully how the timesheet and payment process works and are more than happy and equipped for our candidates to manage their finances via an Umbrella or Limited company if this is preferable.

For more details on how Carrot Pharma Recruitment can help you, please call 01625 541 030