Distinctly Different

Why We're Distinctly Different

When you are looking for a job, we know candidates will want to hear more than just what their key responsibilities will be. They'll be interested in the company culture, location, reporting structures, career progression, training, extra benefits and the social scene.

This is why our consultants will take the time to get to really know the clients they are working so that we can expertly match the right candidates to your vacancies and expectations. When possible, we'll visit your offices so we can get a better understanding of the company culture (or we might ask you to send us a company video we could share with potential candidates). 

 From a client perspective, our approach to candidate attraction is a little different. We nurture our wide network of active candidates and constantly grow our network of passive candidates via the likes of LinkedIn Recruiter, jobs boards and our internal database. We also host our own networking events to build on these candidate relationships and regularly attend industry shows and conferences. 

We are interested in people and the many ways they assimilate information. We invest in marketing and have a dedicated in-house team who produce videos, images, career guides, develop our brand, campaigns and mailers and curate our social media channels. Our distinct branding stands out from our competitors which helps us attract new clients and candidates.

Take a look at some of the different ways we attract high-level candidates and fantastic clients in the short video below: 

Our efforts have won us awards in the areas of business innovation, customer service and sector knowledge.

We believe that finding a job is way more than matching skill sets to requirements. We get to know the motivations behind our candidates' job searches and the values behind our client companies. This ensures that relationships and placements are built on stronger foundations. 

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