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Healthcare Advertising & PR Case Study – A Successful Placement During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Case study on adapting to the rapidly changing circumstances within the pharma, healthcare and devices industries during the Covid-19 outbreak:

We’ve seen that there is still a requirement for pharma, healthcare and life sciences professionals, and both ourselves and our clients are continuing to conduct business as usual where possible. This has been no more evident than with the hiring of an External Communications Lead for a solutions-led company.

Our specialist Healthcare Advertising and PR Consultant, Alice Smith, has been working on a Senior External Communications Lead role, which was always due to be worked remotely. The issue was going to be how to safely conduct the interview process at a time when Europe began to go into lockdown.

The first stage of the interview took place as planned via a telephone call. The second stage was initially going to be a face-to-face interview in Munich, Germany to allow the candidate to meet the European Team, who are situated in various locations across multiple counties. This stage was lined up just as travel restrictions began to come into force across Europe, and so the client quickly adapted the interview to a video call to ensure the process could continue. During the video call, the candidate was still able to demonstrate their prepared presentation, and the whole process was a huge success with an offer being made! The candidate will begin their career with the company remotely within the next few weeks and will have all necessary equipment delivered to their home.

The whole process was a fantastic example of both client and candidate adapting to rapidly changing circumstances to ensure the recruitment process continued as seamlessly as possible. During these difficult times, it’s uplifting to still see new job offers being actioned and accepted.