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Healthcare Market Research

Healthcare Market Research, Pharmaceutical Market Research

Carrot Pharma Recruitment was set up by Martin and Debbie Anderson, both of whom had previously worked within healthcare market research and pharmaceutical market research. Debbie Anderson worked for eight years in healthcare market research both agency and client-side and Martin Anderson worked in pharmaceutical market research before moving into marketing and sales roles. It was during this experience of being hiring managers in their respective roles, where the idea to start their own recruitment agency began. They felt, at the time, that the recruitment services available were not niche or specialist, specific to their sector. They would spend too long explaining what the roles required, what experience was needed and then would be send too many mediocre CV’s. They felt that the healthcare market research sector could benefit from a knowledgeable niche recruitment agency where the consultants fully understood the sector. So in 2006 Carrot Pharma Recruitment was born. Initially Martin Anderson left his client side role to set it up and then as it became successful Debbie left her client side pharmaceutical market research role to assist. It took off and as the successes followed each other, they decided to grow the sectors they could cover, always sticking to the ethos that knowledge is power, hiring people with industry experience so that they fully understood the markets they would be working in. Today as the company grows their values remain true with every new hire. Know and understand the sector you work in, only send high quality relevant people for consideration, keep communication to a level the client and candidate desires, understand not only the sector (whether that be healthcare market research or any of the other sectors now covered) but also the culture, the team set up, the location, the reporting structure, as all this information is invaluable when successfully filling a role. Carrot Pharma Recruitment now not only covers healthcare market research roles but spans the full drug life-cycle from development through to sales. Each team is responsible for a specific sector and there is a good mixture, within each team, of industry experience, sector specific recruitment experience or robust training for our graduate consultants. For more information or if you are looking for a job within healthcare/pharmaceutical market research or indeed would like to fill a position in your healthcare market research team or any other sector we cover, please call on +44 (0) 1625 541 030. [email protected]

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