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Olivia Burton

Devices/Healthcare Sales
Associate Consultant
Phone: +44 (0)1625 361 070

Which team and area do you work/specialise in?

The Devices, Sales and Marketing team. I specialise in Medical Devices Sales positions.

What are some of the typical roles you cover?

I work across Product Specialist, Account Manager, Territory Manager, Regional Sales Manager, and National Sales Manager positions

What are the hot issues in your sector currently?

Brexit seems to be a hot topic across all industies at the moment, as is the MDD / MDR deadline! 



Who is your biggest idol / inspiration and why? 

Imi Litchtenfeld: He was the founder of Krav Maga and the International Krav Maga Federation; which I am very proud to be an instructor for. He was an amazing and inspirational person who had to overcome a great deal and believed that everyone around the world should have access to this self-defence system, not just people in the military. Awesome guy!

What is your greatest fear?

Heights and sharks. Fortunately, the two don’t combine very often…

How would your friends describe you in three words?

Determined, caring, calm

You’re stranded on a desert island – what one thing could you not live without?


What’s makes you #DistinctlyDifferent?

I love working with people, getting to know my candidates and understanding that a career move is a really big decision. I love the outdoors, keeping fit and teaching Krav Maga for the IKMF.