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Alice Kirkland

Client Services
Marketing Manager
Phone: 01625 541 045

Which team do you work in?
I work in the Support team as the Marketing Manager.

Which area do you specialise in?
As part of the Marketing team I keep Carrot's social media channels up to date, produce content for the website and monthly newsletter, while helping to come up with innovative and different campaigns to help continue to bring new candidates and clients to the company. 

How do you keep up-to-date with the issues in your sector?
I read relevant blogs and articles about both the Pharma and marketing industries so I have an understanding of what our recruiters require in terms of candidate and client attraction. I also keep up to date with new social media trends and platforms, while keeping an eye on new guerrilla marketing techniques that other companies and successfully implemented. 

What's your favourite film and why?
Into the Wild. It's quirky, heart-warming and always makes me want to grab my backpack and go off on an adventure. 

If you could invent one thing what would it be?
A way of bottling good memories that I could easily be transported back to. Something like a Genie's lamp of memories with a portal you could step through back to the good times.

What makes your #DistinctlyDifferent?
I don't take myself too seriously, although this might just be an excuse for why I sometimes make a fool of myself. At work I try to think of different ways to bring a wider audience to the Carrot brand instead of following the pack.


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