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Our Values


Our purpose is to promote happy fulfilled careers and help individuals and businesses be the best that they can be

We are Believers in the Power of Knowledge

We take pride in knowing our sectors inside out. We always make sure we are up to date with industry news and trends. We focus on what makes our clients stand out from their competitors, and match our candidates skills, motivations and experience to the best jobs.

We are Happiness-Centric

At Carrot we love what we do and we're happiest when we know that you do too. All of our recruitment efforts are targeted towards the happiness of our candidates and clients. We are testament to the fact that a happy team is a productive team, and we aim to replicate this with everyone we work with.

Relationship Builders

We aim to create long-term credible partnerships by consistently delivering value and inspiring trust in both our candidates and clients. We are constantly building a network of passive and active candidates.

Challenging Industry Pre-conceptions

Our focus in on quality, not quantity and our internal KPIs reflect this by focusing on conversion rates not volume.

Innovation Enthusiasts

We aren't your typical recruitment company and we like it that way. We use social media and present your jobs in many different formats to appeal to the different ways people absorb and interpret information.