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Our Values


At Carrot we have six clear values which have been developed by us all as a team. Each one of these values has a smaller team dedicated to it. This is to ensure that we, as a company, continually innovate and create new ideas around each value, ultimately helping us to ensure that we are genuinely working to our core values both internally and externally.


Quality Advocates

  • Fully committed to excellence in all aspects of our business. Working smartly without the pressure of irrelevant KPIs.
  • Through strong processes, continual self-improvement, attention to detail and a desire to deliver properly​.
  • Means an efficient and targeted service for our clients and candidates with better results.


Relationship Builders

  • Our consistent success since 2006 has been built on partnerships and lasting relationships​.
  • Through good old fashioned customer service values​.
  • Leads to open communication, better knowledge and trust, helping us to provide the right outcomes consistently.
  • Our Net Promoter Score for customer satisfaction has consistently scored us as 'World Class'. 


Proactive Thinkers

Positivity, good energy, a supportive environment and enjoyment in our roles are pivotal to our success​.

  • Maintained by a team of like-minded people, bought into a strong cultural ethos which is central in all we do​.
  • Our attitude to positivity ensures that we fully understand and fulfil the needs of our clients and candidates.



  • Always having a smile on our face as we work transpires into positive and upbeat conversations - leading to positive actions.
  • Maintained through teamwork, support and friendliness. If we enjoy what we do, we’ll do it well.
  • This results in a happy team who are driven to make a difference for their candidates and their clients.


Innovation Enthusiasts

  • Constantly evolving techniques and technologies to stay at the forefront of recruitment innovation.
  • Ensured through innate curiosity regarding efficiencies and differentiators​.
  • Means we stay a step ahead, offering a distinctly different approach while finding unique candidates for even the most challenging remits.


Believers in the Power of Knowledge

  • Genuine specialists, each with a focus on one niche skills function, supported by in-house, first-hand industry knowledge​.
  • Enhanced by ongoing learning and development initiatives tailored to individuals, teams and the wider company​.
  • Allows us to offer insightful, meaningful consultancy that makes a real difference.