Personality Profiling

Personality Profiling

Personality profiling, known as psychometric testing or psychological profiling, is a way of measuring and analysing somebody’s behaviour. It’s often used in a business environment to identify how somebody will best work, whether a job will play to their strengths, and whether there are going to be any personality clashes in a professional environment.

Personality profiling can be used for:

  • Supporting the recruitment process to ensure a potential employee has a good fit with the prospective company and the job vacancy itself.
  • Personal development: allowing employees to assess how they behave over a period of time.
  • Avoiding management issues by correctly identifying natural line managers and team leaders, and ensuring those for whom management and leadership isn’t natural are well supported.
  • Supporting an individual’s job search, enabling you to confidently talk about your strengths, and how you behave in a professional environment using terms the hiring organisation will know and understand.

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