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Social Media No Nos

Carrot Pharma Social Media Definite No Nos – please don’t engage with or post…

Any material that is liable to cause offence – e.g. gif of someone hitting themselves repeatedly over the head accompanying a comment about a candidate behaviour you’ve had to deal with.

Any material that could be deemed defamatory e.g “x y z candidate has just left my client in the lurch, I am blacklisting them, just warning you all, don’t touch with a barge pole”. 


Anything that is confidential to Carrot Pharma Recruitment or is not already in the public domain. “We just made £x thousand pounds this month whoop whoop!”



Anything that could damage the reputation of Carrot Pharma Recruitment – e.g. “Why do clients make you soooo mad???? “ plus gif of someone banging their head against a brick wall. 


You cannot use just any image you find on google to post on social media. It needs to be creative commons copyright free. Never just search and copy and paste from google. There are companies that just scour for offenders and send out fines. We will be fined if you post in this way. Just ask marketing for images. 


That's all folks. In the main just use your common sense and look at the guidelines in the shared drive if you are unsure (ask marketing if you dont know where they are).