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Talent Research Solutions

We offer a range of research based, talent intelligence solutions. These are designed to offer you extra insights which will enhance your decision-making throughout the entire attraction and retention lifecycle.  

Our Founding Directors have personal backgrounds in Market Research and Business Intelligence within the Pharma consulting arena, combined with many years of experience in the recruitment sector. Supported by a dedicated team of researchers and infographic experts, they can offer genuine insights via thoroughly researched and professionally presented reports, bespoke to your specific needs.  

Our Talent Research Solutions include, but are not limited to: 

  • Talent Mapping Projects
  • Value Proposition Research
  • Attraction & Retention Strategy Reviews
  • Employee Engagement Surveys

Beneath is a brief summary of our most popular Talent Research Solutions

Other types of research projects that we can deliver, and may be conducted separately or as part of one of the above projects, include Competitor Benchmarking, Organisational Mapping, Talent Pipelining & Engagement Assignments, Salary & Reward Benchmarking and office location Talent Feasibility Studies.

Our bespoke studies can answer the following questions you might currently have about certain elements of your recruitment and retention processes:

  • Why are we struggling to attract the right candidates?
  • How can our recruitment process be made more efficient?
  • How does our offering compare to that of our competitors?
  • How can we improve our average retention rates and increase loyalty among our team?
  • How can we improve motivation and performance amongst our staff?
  • How are we doing in terms of effective communication and engagement with staff during Covid?
  • How good is our onboarding and induction process and could it be improved?
  • Where is our talent coming from and where is it leaving to go?

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Our Solutions

Talent mapping research can take several forms:

  • You may want a general review of senior talent within your market or within a specific geographical region
  • There could be a need to focus on a specific vacancy which may exist now or is anticipated to exist in the near future
  • You might want to conduct some organisational mapping of competitors
  • You may want to understand if the right sort of talent exists around a new office location
  • Talent mapping projects can also be extended into pipelining research or executive search assignments with a subsequent phase of engagement 

The Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the balance of the rewards and benefits received by employees in return for their effort and performance at work. It’s a form of employer branding used as a platform to attract and retain a motivated workforce. A good EVP needs to be unique within your market and attractive to current and potential employees.  Our Value Proposition Research would assess how strong your current EVP is perceived to be, both in its content and its communication. The research would inform how the EVP can be strengthened to enable you to better differentiate your employer brand from your competitors.

This is a thorough assessment of all your attraction and retention processes.   We will assess how well your current materials and methods are working to attract talent, and how effective your interview process is in enabling you to select the right candidate every time. Invaluable information will also be gleaned in relation to how successful or otherwise your current retention strategy is, and how that could be improved further.

Employee engagement surveys are a very effective way of gauging current levels of happiness and motivation among your workforce. They can uncover new ideas and suggestions to help further improve the employee experience and enhance your EVP and employee relations internally. If tracked consistently on a bi-annual basis, the information and feedback derived can really help to improve performance levels and increase retention rates, allowing the business to decrease overall spend on recruitment. These can be included in the fuller EVP review or can be conducted as stand-alone surveys.

Our Methods & Deliverables

Bespoke - Each study can be tailored to your specific requirements and can cover single or multiple functional areas and sectors. These can also be single or multi-country studies. 

Research Based - Our data is gathered from a wide range of secondary data sources and is complimented by well-designed primary research methods such as electronic surveys and telephone interviews. 

Tangible Outputs – A full presentation or report will include detailed findings with thorough analysis and interpretation. Importantly, clear conclusions and strategic recommendations will help you to implement effective changes and facilitate real improvements. 

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