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What is Medical Device Sales?

What is Medical Device Sales?

Medical Device jobs (usually Sales Representatives or Healthcare Sales professionals) involve selling medial equipment and consumables into hospitals and/or the community. Their role is to sell the clinical benefits of their products to Clinicians such as nurses or surgeons, and then to negotiate with the hospital procurement on price and supply.

The main focus areas within Medical Device Sales are:

Capital equipment: Included in this genre are items such as X-ray machines, ventilators and patient monitors. These are the large investment items hospital departments need and are of high capital value. The sales process in this sector is longer than with other products because they are of such high value. Negotiations can continue for up to two or three years. You need to have a lot of patience and strong negotiating skills to succeed here, but the rewards are great once a sale has been completed.

Medical devices: When you work in Medical Device Sales you’ll find yourself becoming an integral part of the clinical surgical team, as the surgeons and theatre staff will need to be guided by the sales rep in terms of how to best use the product. Your skills are required to ensure the surgeon is using the device correctly during the operation, so you will be selling the product whilst the patient is being operated on. The surgeons and their team, as the main stakeholders, have a great influence on the purchasing process. There is a huge variety of medical devices, covering areas such as orthopaedics, cardiology, neurology, urology and gynaecology.

Medical disposals: These are products that are used mainly by nurses within hospitals or out in the community. These products are less technical than capital equipment or devices, and cover areas such as wound care and continence management. Selling disposable products is often seen as being a “softer” and gentler sell than capital equipment or medical devices, but you’ll still need a strong commercial acumen. Often these products are listed on hospital formularies in the same way as pharmaceutical drugs.

What does a career within Medical Sales look like?

A career within Medical Device Sales can be highly rewarding, encompassing the opportunity for lots of travel (as it’ll be predominately field-based) with excellent bonus and benefits in return for your hard work. Everyone working within this sector will start out in an entry level / graduate position, before moving through the ranks from Territory Manager to Regional and National Sales Manager before reaching Business Unit Director level.

What are the typical roles within Medical / Device Sales?

·       Entry level Graduate Sales

·       Territory Manager

·       Business Development Manager

·       Clinical Specialist

·       Regional Sales Manager

·       National Sales Manager

How Carrot Recruitment can help you find your next job within the Medical Device Sales sector:

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