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What is Medical Information?

What is Medical Information?

Medical Information professionals play a critical role in assisting pharmaceutical and medical device companies in answering queries from the public, doctors and nurses on their products. Usually sitting within the commercial divisions of a company, they source answers to these queries from internal company data, peer-reviewed literature or their own clinical experience.

Those working within the field can also provide internal support to sales and marketing activities within the company and can sign off commercial and marketing materials against regulatory codes of practice.

Medical Information teams can receive thousands of queries a month on anything from vaccines to specialist products. Their aim is to answer these questions accurately and as quickly as possible – usually within several minutes of receiving them. These queries typically come via phone or email.

What does a career within Medical Information look like?

As you’ll usually be the only point of contact between the customer and the pharmaceutical company, you’ll need to be good at quickly building relationships, while being knowledgeable on your products, organised and with good people skills.  

Jobs within Medical Information offer an insight into many different aspects of the pharmaceutical industry - from products to patients - and it’s for this reason that many people start off their pharmaceutical career here.

People from a pharmacy background regularly transition into the Medical Information field, as their hands-on experience with customers and knowledge of medicines are both excellent transferable skills.

Those with experience within Medical Information typically move into roles within Medical Affairs or Medical Communications, or train to become Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) or Scientific Advisors.

What are the typical roles within Medical Information?

·       Medical Information Officer/Associate/Executive

·       Scientific Information Coordinators

·       Pharmacists

·       Indication Lead

·       Scientific Advisor

How Carrot Recruitment can help you find your next job within the Medical Information sector:

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