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What is Pharmacovigilance

What is Pharmacovigilance?
Pharmacovigilance (PV or PhV) is the science and activities around drug safety. This includes the collection, detection, assessment, monitoring, reporting and prevention of adverse effects of pharmaceutical products.  

Pharmacovigilance activities occur both during and post-clinical trials/product marketing. Although a medical product will have been authorised for use by the time it leaves the clinical trials phase, it will only have been tested on a small number of participants. It’s therefore vital to continue the monitoring of the product throughout its use in healthcare practice to ensure patient safety.

What does a career within Pharmacovigilance look like?

The majority of those starting out their career within Pharmacovigilance will do so in a case processing role, and will usually hold a degree within pharmacy, medical or the life sciences. These roles broadly involve inputting data from side-effects reports from patients to be evaluated by risk-management and regulatory teams.

From here, there are two typical routes to take: one into line management or a more technical route. This second option would see you working in roles such as a Risk Management Specialist or PV Scientist, within signal detection, risk management and epidemiology.

What are the typical roles within Pharmacovigilance?

·       Senior/Drug Safety Associate

·       Drug Safety Coordinator

·       Pharmacovigilance Officer

·       Senior Pharmacovigilance Scientist

·       Risk Management Specialist

·       Senior Vigilance Manager

·       Team Lead

·       Associate Director

How Carrot Recruitment can help you find your next job within the Pharmacovigilance sector:

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