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What is Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC)?

What is Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

It’s the responsibility of people working within Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Control (QC) roles to ensure all products meet the required standards and regulations and that these are safe for use and consumption.

Within the pharmaceutical, healthcare and medical devices industries, this occurs during the clinical, manufacturing and distribution stages of the product life-cycle. This role is highly important, as it involves ensuring potentially life-saving or life-altering medicines or devices are manufactured consistently to a safe standard. This can be achieved in a number of ways.


What does a career within QA look like?

Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance professionals can work within either a generic or specialist position and are employed either in-house or via an external agency. Typically, people will move into a QA position having started out in either engineering or health and safety. If starting out in a graduate position within the pharmaceutical industry, you’ll probably be required to have a degree within a life science.

 There’s a whole breadth of career progression opportunities within Quality Assurance, but a typical career path might look like:

Quality Assurance Analyst, Testers or Inspectors > Quality Assurance Managers > Product Management


What are the typical roles within Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

  • QA / QC Officer, Executive or Associate
  • QA / QC Management, Director or Head of Department
  • Responsible or Qualified Person


How do you get into a role within Quality Assurance and Quality Control?

Both Quality jobs and Supply Chain jobs are closely linked and sometimes overlap depending on the product being manufactured and the nature of the business.

For the pharmaceutical, consumer health, medical devices, and clinical markets, scientific qualifications are highly desirable and create a good starting place for a career in these sectors.

An experience and understanding of current regulations and legislations is imperative to a role within Quality Assurance or Quality Control and will help to define your skillset. For example - GCP, GMP, GDP, GLP or ISO standards (9001, 13584).

To progress within the Quality sector, it’s all about building a good network and reputation and learning the practices, business and industry inside out.


How Carrot Recruitment can help you find your next job within Quality Assurance and Quality Control:

Our specialist recruitment consultant, Nadya Libecans, will be happy to help with all your Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Devices QA/QC needs. She can be contacted on:

+44 (0)1625 361 076 / [email protected]

You can also view all our live Quality Assurance and Supply Chain roles here or take a look below.

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